The latest newsletter
20th Annual General Meeting
Time certainly does fly and there seems to have been so many things underway in the last 6 months or so that it needed a reminder that we were approaching AGM time.
This year’s AGM will take place on Wednesday 10 May 2017 at 15:00 at the Simon’s Town Museum and we must once again express our thanks to the Curator and staff of that Museum for making their auditorium available to us. The speaker will hopefully be confirmed soon and I will advise by email. Ther will be the normal refreshments on offer on completion of the meeting.
Naval Digest No. 25
The latest Naval Digest has been received from the printers and will hopefully be in the mail soon. This Digest is a slimmer one than normal but this compensates for the much larger than normal Digest No. 24 that we sent out last year and is made up of some documents that our volunteers found when working in the archives of the SAN Museum:
In amongst the stored documents at the South African Navy Museum from time to time one comes documents that we at the Naval Heritage Trust deem to be of general naval interest and possibly for use in a Naval Digest. In this Naval Digest we have taken three such documents and added photographs also stored in the archives of the Navy Museum and put them together into this Digest. This ensures that they do not simply gather dust in the archives, but see the light of day and are brought to the attention of the wider South African community.
Those of our members who like me are now of the ‘older generation’, will I am sure have served with, or at least have met, many of the men who are mentioned in the first two documents and will enjoy reading about an era when the South African Naval Forces, as our Navy was titled up until the 1st of January 1951, was just beginning to expand into the Navy we knew in the 1950s and 60s which laid the foundation on which the operational South African Navy of 2017 could be built.
The last document on the diving branch that has been included is also valuable in its own way, even though we can’t identify its author and are not absolutely certain of when it was written or for what
purpose. Nevertheless it is about a very important branch of our Navy and in addition the Diving School was the first SAN ‘specialist school’ to be formally established in Simon’s Town after the base was transferred to the South African Navy in 1957.
Keeping in touch
I would like to remind members that our website - - is kept up to date by Eddie Wesselo and lists all of our publications.
Remember also that all paid up members can purchase any of these documents at a considerable discount - to get this discount please contact me by email so that I can confirm that you are a fully paid up member and so entitled to said discount. Glen Knox and I are at present looking into the possibility of issuing members with a membership card - this will probably be a simple form which can be e-mailed to you so that you can print it out and use it instead of having to contact me. Please remember however that to get that discount you will have to make your purchase directly
with the Trust and not through any of the other outlets we use for sales.
There is now also a Naval Heritage Trust Face-Book page ably operated and controlled by Glen Knox that gives continuous information of interest to anyone with an interest in naval heritage.